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You've noticed your high utility bills, but have you ever wondered why your air conditioning and heating just doesn't seem to hold as long as you'd like? Chances are, it's due to your single-pane glass or inefficient aluminum windows that are needlessly adding cost to your utility bill. It's not just you who's noticed this waste -- California's Title 24 requires many homeowners to look to upgrade their windows to double- or triple-pane glass in either vinyl, fiberglass, or wood windows to save on bills, lower energy usage and cost, and help the environment.


Upgrading windows and doors can make a huge impact on the comfort, aesthetics, and energy use in your home. Not to mention they're easier to operate. Did you know you can save an estimated 21% on your heating and cooling bills in Southern California by replacing inefficient windows?

The Benefits of High Efficiency Windows

There are a number of benefits that come from upgrading your windows, including:

  • Lower energy bills

  • Reduced drafts for greater home comfort

  • Noise reduction (especially in high-traffic neighborhoods)

  • Increased ease in opening and closing windows

  • Increased home value

  • Fewer indoor allergens, dust, and contaminants

  • Eliminated window rot and condensation

  • Easier to clean and easier to use

  • Better home security

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The Benefits of High Efficiency Windows

We understand the importance of using the best components for greater home durability, cost savings, and energy efficiency. We install a variety of windows, including custom wood windows.

Our team is proud to install new and replacement Milgard windows. For customers wishing to save 15% to 20% on top-of-the-line, local products, Value windows are a great option, too. Both Milgard and Value windows have an industry-leading lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

There are so many energy efficient and cost-effective choices for you to choose:

new construction, retrofits, or bay windows; front doors, sliding doors, and French doors; double-pane and triple-pane glass; vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows.  

We'll walk you through the options so you can find the ideal windows and doors for your home or business.


Is it time to upgrade your windows and doors? Reach out to Go Solar Direct and we'll show you how installing windows and doors can be a breeze.